Rob Kreider has been voted as one of the Best Personal Trainers in DC by the City Paper and currently provides his personal training services throughout the Maryland and Washington DC metropolitan area. RK BODIES personal training helps its clients obtain the lifestyle of health and fitness they are looking for. We understand that everyone’s individual health & fitness goals are different and so our personal training and nutrition programs are tailor made to get the results you are looking for. I have been a personal trainer in the DMV area since 1998. I perform my personal training services at 24 HR Living Fit Club in Glen Burnie, MD. I guarantee success within your program as long as the program is followed as instructed. In addition to personal training, I am available for online personalized programs and contest prep coaching which includes a personalized training, supplement, cardio and nutrition program. Please feel free to Contact Me if you are interested in learning more about my personal training, bodybuilding & fitness, contest prep, or diet/nutrition services. I personally want to thank you for visiting my site and hope you thoroughly enjoy it. Life is Short, Live Rich, Rob

bALTIMORE, Maryland

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (20 years) CPR/AED certified.


Building muscle, burning fat, competition preparation, injury prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition planning, supplement planning, biomechanics expert.


If you ever have a chance to have Rob train you, take full advantage. Beyond his wealth of knowledge and training techniques, he truly cares about his clients and their progress towards their goals. For me personally, I’ve learned so much about lifting and dieting that it’s really made my path towards my goals realistic, rather than just a dream. Whether you’re looking to gain size/strength, to lean/tone, or to work on conditioning, Rob will have a strategic plan to tackle the challenge, push you past your sticking points, and achieve your vision of your best self. Don’t expect it to be easy, tho, as there were many a workouts where I was exhausted, sweaty, and sore only halfway through the workout. Lol! As with any trainer/coach, don’t be afraid to ask questions, as Rob will have answers, alternatives and options abound. If certain exercises hurt or don’t feel effective, talk to Rob who’ll work around injuries and develop a routine to help target the desired muscles without aggravating injuries. -Steve C., (2017)

I have to say that I hate writing reviews, so t should tell you something that I felt compelled to write one for Rob. The man is simply the best at what he does. The workouts he will put through and the meal plans that he will create for you will get you wherever you want to be on your fitness journey. It’s really simple: just listen to him and do what he says. He will make you work, but if you do, the sky is the limit. I have a leg injury that literally know one else has ever been able to train around, but Rob not only trained around it, he made my injured leg as strong as my good leg. Don’t waste time or money going though anyone else. Call the man and let him change your life. -Matt C., (2017)

“I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with Rob for over three years now. His professionalism, knowledge, and encouragement has placed him at the top of any fitness and sports coaches I have ever worked with. We all look for that extra edge to elevate our fitness levels; a new diet, a new technique, or sport. Without a doubt, Rob has become that edge for me, and has elevated my knowledge in how to approach my fitness life style, and has provided the encouragement to continue to pursue every goal I have set out for that lifestyle. Rob’s dedication to me has surpassed that of a client, but more so he has become a good friend and mentor.” -Jorge, (2017)

Rob was my online coach for my first figure competition. With his guidance and expertise I was able to shed over 10% body fat during my 22 week prep. Even though I was an online client, his demand for weekly check-ins kept me on track and focused. When I felt discouraged and/or overwhelmed with the process, he knew exactly how to motivate me to keep moving forward. I’m looking forward to working with Rob again as I prep to compete in 2018. -Kristen, (2017)

My name is Cody Mauch. I first met Rob in 2013 while I was on a Army National Guard deployment to Washington D.C. I saw Rob in Gold's Gym where he was personal training people. My first thought was wow that is one jacked dude! And I immediately approached him and talked bodybuilding with him and found out that he coached people. Towards the late 2014 I moved back home to North Dakota and Rob coached me online. We started my prep in December of 2014 for a show in March 2015 I placed 4 out of 11 insanely ripped dudes in light heavyweight class. And I can tell you, I could not be happier with how I looked. Rob took my body to another level I never thought possible. And through the whole prep my mind was all over the place and Rob was there for me every step of the way! Every question I ever had he always answered with haste and precise answers. Rob is not only a wonderful coach, but a wonderful friend. He truly cares about his clients and there well being. Rob knew I had personal issues I was going through and he gave me the most truthful advice that got me through everything. I put my trust in Rob 100%. He is truly a Class act and a grade A coach! If you want a top physique you never thought possible, well Rob is your man. My name is Cody Mauch and I believe in RK BODIES. (2015)

I wanted to take a minute and write a review and thank my trainer Rob Kreider with RK Bodies. When I first met Rob I had been training on my own for years. Up until that point I thought I knew, or could learn on my own, everything required to build the body I wanted. I came to Rob seriously frustrated and lost, as I could not seem to get past a certain level. My body was beat up, I would grip a barbell and not have any feeling in my hands. My mental state was pathetic due to being stuck in a rut. Having read every possible article I could on training and eating, I didn’t know what to do next. From that point I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be and that I should seek out help from a professional. So I looked for a trainer that actually walked the walk. The majority of “Trainers” out there I felt were a joke. How can you help others attain their physique goals when you don’t have enough self-discipline to refrain from stuffing your face with McDonalds every night? I wanted to find someone that was serious about their field of business. That’s when I found Rob and everything changed for me. I found him with a simple search online and read about his 20+ years in the sport of Bodybuilding and fitness instruction. At the first meeting I explained what I had been doing and right away he instructed me to change bad habits I had unknowingly developed. 14 months later, at 31 years old, I am in the best shape of my life and my confidence is at an all-time high. At various points during that time I thought maybe I knew enough from him and could go on my own. But then after the next training session I would be amazed at the difference of how I felt compared to my workout alone. Literally 14 months later his training session is the high point of my workouts for the week. I am nowhere close to where I want to be physique wise but I am light years ahead of where I was on my own. Rob has taught me the most important part in body transformations. It’s a constant grid that takes dedication everyday with no quick payoff. But one day a year later you will look at pictures of yourself and have something to proud of. Now I can only imagine 2, 3, 4 years from now…. No matter who you are or what you strive to be: bodybuilder, Man/Woman, professional/amatur, or just an average gym goer that just wants to be healthier and in better shape, Rob is the only person you should seek out for help. He will tailor a program that fits your specific needs and that is not just a cookie cutter program everyone uses. Contact Rob and you will not regret it. -Terry Bennett (2014)

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A GREAT TRAINER IN WASHINGTON, D.C., LOOK NO FURTHER THAN R.K. BODIES, THE ULTIMATE TRAINING EXPERIENCE WITH ROB KREIDER! In the Spring of 2003, I contacted Rob Kreider to see if he might take me on as a client. It took a few weeks before he was able to find a mutually convenient time slot. When we first met on a rainy, Tuesday afternoon, he may have wondered what he had gotten himself into. Training a 56-year old who at the starting point hit about 250 on the scale who needed to be taught how to lift, but who was an active rower. Initially, we set mutually agreeable and achievable goals. We spent the next 18-months doing a full body circuit twice weekly when I trained with Rob. As Rob got to know me, he realized how serious I was about changing my appearance and left me responsible for my own cardio and ab training. Late spring, summer and early fall, I can be found on the Potomac River rowing with Alexandria Community Rowing three times a week at 0530 (during the off-season I do an hour on a Concept II Rowing Machine 5x a week and about a 30-minutes of abs afterwards). The extra pounds began to vanish. And then more, and the more they vanished the harder I continued to work out either in the morning or with Rob. After about a year I was wearing suits that I hadn’t worn in years and was having my wardrobe altered. Rob changed my weight training program to a High Intensity Training Format in early 2005 that consists of a light warmup set followed by a pair of work sets at a more challenging level, and then follow those frequently with drop sets to failure or supersets. He is very good about challenging me to get the most out of every movement and to be certain that my form is correct. He will assist when necessary, but is a real stickler for good form. We usually divide the body into back, chest and either tris or bis one day, and legs and shoulders and the arm muscle that was not trained on the first day of the week on the second. Working out regularly with Rob has given me the confidence to seek out other people to train with while traveling on business. I began that first session with Rob, impressed, but not intimidated by his size. Having been probably near 300 pounds ten years ago, I am determined not to go back to that level, nor to a size 54 suit jacket. Training with Rob, a nationally competitive bodybuilder, has given me the confidence to train with well known bodybuilders such as Sagi Kalev in Dallas, J.P. Fux in Palm Springs, Gennaro Ferra in New York City and Hans Hoeller in Fullerton, California among others. Each one of them has given me a little bit more information about myself and how to continue to reach my personal goals. In the spring of 2005, I had a first appointment with a neurologist because of some movement difficulties with my right arm. He quickly and efficiently tested me and then began to use words no one ever wants to have applied to them: degenerative, incurable, etc. And then he used the “P” word: “You have the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease,” he said. My wife could not be with me that morning. When I arrived at Definitions, the Georgetown Personal Training Studio where Rob trains clients late that afternoon, it was as though a cloud had lifted. After I told him about the diagnosis, his response was, “You’re not going to let that stop you, are you?” We’ll just change the training program to make the neurological pathways work harder! And that’s what we have done over the last two and one-half years. I’ve since learned that vigorous physical exercise in the male in particular can help the brain produce the chemical that it doesn’t produce as much as it should. Rob has become much more than just a personal trainer in my life but a real friend and confidant. As we conversed that first training session, I found someone who is safety conscious, comprehensive in his approach with a good blend of goal setting and nutritional information. Although he is a bodybuilder, he recognizes that not all of his clients can make that as a goal and works with each of us for our own goals. A few days before New Years in 2008, I haven’t put on weight over the holidays and have been below 200 for a little over a year. I am now down to 195 on a 6′3″ frame, regularly wearing my wedding suit from 1978 with the vest let out in the chest. My suit size has gone from a 54XL to a 44L. Rob has played an integral role in my transformation by inspiring, teaching and encouraging me. In the times I’ve trained with him, he has always been in shape, never bloated and his modesty and humor help an hour with him speed by. He’s been beside me in the tough days of preparing for a national bodybuilding competition. I have to be serious about training with Rob as Definitions is a bus or subway and bus ride from my office in the Penn Quarter of Washington to Georgetown, and then an hour home to Alexandria, Virginia afterwards via subway and bus, or a mile uphill walk! -Chuck Linderman (2007)

Alexandria, Virginia Success comes in cans, not in can’ts! All my life long I was trim or should I rather admit thin. My friends always kept comforting me saying: “No, worries, as long as you have the bones, the meat will stick to them!” Wishful thinking. I realized with time that building lean muscle and gaining muscle weight could be as challenging as losing body mass (if not much harder). About a year ago, I relocated to Washington, DC and prior to my move I did all my home-work, which most importantly involved a search for a personal trainer. “My Goodness”, I thought when I saw Rob’s photo! “If he could build THAT body of his own, he can help me achieve my goals!” Almost a year later I can say: I developed more muscle than I knew existed. And the transformational journey still goes on… Hard work and trembling muscles at the end of each session — YES! Being pushed beyond what I think I am capable of — YES! Getting the most compliments on my body than I had in my life — YES! Feeling great about my body — YES! Rewarding conversations, inspiration and a fountain of motivational thoughts during our sessions come as a bonus. Cheers Rob! -Julia, August (2009)

Rob is the best at what he does! I started training with Rob about three and a half years ago, following my 9th knee surgery. I needed to build up my quads because my knees were in such bad shape, and traditional physical therapists really weren’t much help. I needed to strengthen my quads because I was told that the arthritic deterioration in my knees would eventually require total knee replacement. Rob did an outstanding job, keeping me strong and mobile. In mid-July 2010 I had both knees replaced, at the same time. In November 2010 I started training with Rob again, and the results have been amazing. In the weeks after the replacements I lost 30 pounds, was weak as a kitten, and essentially was learning to walk again. Rob planned out an excellent recovery and rebuilding program, that has increased in intensity over the months. In six months I have gone from zero to 400 plus pounds in the squat, and from zero to 380 pounds on the leg press. My legs are bigger and stronger than they were before the knee replacements, and I am constantly being told that the extent and rate of my progress is far beyond what anyone expected, including me. Rob is the best at what he does -M. McManus, (2011)

My name is John , 42 years old, west coast resident. I started working with Rob in Feb, 2012. I have worked with big names in the past including mike mentzer in the 90’s, Casey Vitor more recently, and countless other theories, techniques, and approaches to overall fitness. I’m not a body builder, nor an endurance athlete, nor an athlete per se, just an average middle age attorney who has retained just enough vanity to despise accumulated body fat. The best I got of my own was Oct. 2011, 8 percent body fat, and a whopping 145 pounds. I wasn’t fat but looked like a pip squeak, because I was. Between oct. and feb. 2011-12, I got frustrated and experimented with countless supplements and “enhancers”. I went all over the map and eventually became unhappy and borderline suicidal at 220 pounds and a varying bf percentage of 15-25. I was a fat mess with no idea what to do. After working with Rob for one year, I’m very happy at 165 pounds and 7.9 percent bod pod body fat. I’m never hungry, nor am I ever sick from gorging myself as I would in the past. I lift weights with everything I’ve got 4 days a week and do moderate level cardio for 45 minutes everyday which I actually look forward to and get grouchy if I’m unable to do it. My energy level is high, my focus at work is outstanding, I no longer need cialis to even have a hope, and I effortlessly walk my two puppies daily as many times and for as far and long as needed. In addition I sleep 9 hours a night with very few interruptions. In essence, I’m a happy dude again, and my wife is happier too, she even lifts with me on the same routine frequently. When I started with Rob I was under a pervasive delusion that all of this was 50/50 diet and weights/cardio, and I resisted for 9 months adhering fastidiously to Rob’s diet which I paid him to construct and didn’t follow. I began to see when I. Got desperate to get lean and mean for my wedding pics that Rob had provided me the solution long ago. No matter how hard I squeezed out one last rep or how much I sweated on my favorite cardio machine the elliptical stair master I could not look in the mirror and be happy. Mysteriously, I began to notice that the more scrupulosity I practiced following robs diet, the leaner and stronger I became. For the second time in my life I can see my stomach muscles and for the first time without starving myself and looking like an undernourished starvation victim from the third world. It took desperation for me to do what I paid Rob to tell me to do, but when I did, my metabolism shot up, and I always feel satisfied and satiated without feeling guilty like I overstuffed my belly. I had no idea what glycemic was or meant, and without Robs help I’d still be overstrained, pudgy, and mentally unbalanced. Anybody including me can push and pull against gravity via weights and advanced machines, but when I think of the effort I expended for 20 plus years sore and unsatisfied with my results I can only be grateful I didn’t train like that and eat like that my whole life. At 42, I look better and could outperform the 25 year old version of me with EASE. It’s in the diet dummy. My only motivation for not recommending Rob would be that my emails might not get answered every 20 minutes anymore. Free of embellishment, I owe my physique to robs advice through and through. No book or previous trainer did much but add to my ever growing confusion and frustration. I’m very very grateful to Rob and to myself for taking the gamble and hiring the last training/diet adviser ill ever need. “. -John , Palm Springs, CA (2013)

It’s a rather long story but on Dec 10 th, 2007 I was standing in my kitchen, my wife hugged me and slipped her hands to my waist and said “what’s this” referring to my abundant fat, my love handles. We both laughed, but I was pretty embarrassed. A week later I had a black tie event, I went to put my tuxedo on and I had to squeeze into it and I mean squeeze. This is the same Tuxedo I wore at my wedding 12 years previously and never had a problem wearing it over the years. That’s it I said, I work out, I do some cardio and yet I was getting fatter even though I was working hard in the gym. Enough! Time to jump start my fitness level. I began my research on the internet, looking for Testimonials for Personal Trainers in Washington, DC. There are many and as I read, I came across one that interested me; this trainer was helping people of all ages, with different reasons for being there, some people in physical rehab, some aspiring bodybuilders, some wanting to get toned and loose weight. I have always enjoyed lifting and seeing changes in my body but never really mastered what I imagined for myself. I emailed Rob Kreider at RK Bodies. I did not look at his website because I wanted no preconceived notions of what this person looked like, I wanted to meet the real person people had written such rave reviews about. We set up an appointment on December 19th because I wanted to beat the January rush and it is now 7 months later. Jumpstart, normally that means a couple months, learn enough and then try it on your own. How can anyone continue for 7 months? – by constantly making progress to reach your potential, thriving off each new routine, and absorbing every compliment you receive from those around you. Now to Rob, one of the most personable, intense, honest, and results oriented persons I have ever met. We all decide in the first 10-30 seconds when we meet someone whether we like or trust someone, it was immediate, you could tell he had passion for his profession and he wore it on his body everyday, in every action, in every impersonation and every sentence. He has put me through some of the most intense workouts I have ever endured, he pushes me to the limit, to exhaustion, and complete failure so that 2 days after you are still cursing his name but in a very positive way. When is the last time you looked at a staircase and mumbled to yourself because you knew you were going to be in agony walking up or down those stairs because 2 days before it was leg day. Truly, I thought I knew so much about working out, fitness, and conditioning but you will find yourself forgetting everything you ever knew because every program you read before is really superficial. Rob wants you to learn, to understand why you are doing what you do, in the order you do it, with the reasons behind every “static hold”, “rest pause”, “drop set”, and “superset”. You may have heard all those terms but putting them into motion is another thing and having someone like Rob patiently watching you, correcting your positions, and encouraging you, makes you want to achieve your goals and more. There is not one workout session that has been the same, it is a constant change in the sequences, types of exercises, power vs. sculpting, intense to the point of numbing body parts. Is it hard work? It is if you want it to be and I want to be pushed. I can only speak for myself and what I observe, each person is different with different goals, he will take what you have told him and design the program to fit you. He will challenge you at every session, go beyond what you think you can do, and focus all your energies on what you creating. His focus is on me, the client, the entire time I am there, not walking away or chatting with other people, he makes you his only priority during your time. He works around any injuries you may previously had if you tell him. He has a wide repertoire of programs and exercises that can work around those specific areas and he will also make you do some exercises to help build the area around the injury. I have always had a bad back, sneeze and it could slip out of place. Since working with Rob, no back problems and my back has never been stronger and felt better than today. That tuxedo not only fits now but needs to be altered to a size smaller than 12 years ago. My adoring wife is constantly surprised every time she hugs me, no handles to grab onto. I have lost over 30 pounds; I don’t know how many inches in my waist and how many new inches have added to other areas of my body that needed it. I feel confident, fit, and most of all educated on how to train my body for its best results. I have trained with several Personal Trainers, had training partners over the years but I have never experienced the results I have today if it was not for Rob. If you are looking for a solution for your fitness goals, a trainer that is there for you in the studio and out, that answers your insane questions, that encourages you every step of the way, then you need to meet and train with Rob Kreider. He never bargained for a client like myself but then he never realized the true power he has influencing people's lives both mentally and physically. He is the Ultimate Solution! -Ralph Polanec (2009)




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